Pre Employment Verifications

The success in IT industry and in the recruitment industry as the job market is improving and employers being under pressure to hire, many are spicing up their resumes. The applicant knows employers don’t have time to verify everything they submit. Candidates are faking their skills, degrees and even employment history. Here we come into the picture and thoroughly investigate and submit the exact result.

Pre employment verifications is a precautionary measure for all the companies to avoid post employment hassles like corporate scandals, leaking out the information to competitors, workplace violence, double employments, etc, As all these activities hamper the business. So, pre employment screening is very important for every organization whether it is small or large.

Previously the employees were recruited by a reference and a few phone calls to check the new employees. Finding the right candidate is difficult but avoids costly hiring mistakes. So, here andhra Detectives 007 comes to help you to choose the right candidate for your company.

We thoroughly check the credentials of the person and bring out the truth out of that. And since we have been in the business for so long, completing thousands of background verifications, we understand the nuances and sensitivity of this.


andhra detectives 007 are specialized in undercover operations with the team of male and female investigators or detectives in India and Abroad. The group of person who has been selected while conducting several checks had been given intense training on this project's. These services are available for our corporate as well as personal clients. The female staff is very useful for personal purpose and the male staff is best suitable for corporate services. The need of both can be made by any sector but generally what happens and who avail these services have been shared.


andhra Detectives 007 India is among one of the best investigation agencies to trace anonymous person(s) involved in different types of mischief such as, Anonymous defamatory letters - Mischievous anonymous calls - Scurrilous e-mails sent through fake e-mail IDs - Defamatory writings at common public places - Vulgar MMS/SMS - Ransom letters/calls - Mischief mongers/disgruntled employees.